Children sharing their shoes around the world

Adivinha o quanto eu te amo, o livro..aqui é a sequência final do livro.. Guess How Much I Love You.. é um livro que mobiliza crianças e adultos, os pais e seus filhos.

“Às vezes, quando amamos alguém muito, mas muito mesmo, ficamos desajamos achar um jeito de mostrar quanto os nossos sentimentos são grandes. Mas, como o Coelhinho e o Coelho Pai vão acabar descobrindo, o amor não é uma coisa assim fácil de medir..”

Obrigada Coelhinho Dodô e Coelho Jonny..





in the public shuttle…

Coming back home..Saturday 3rd, 2011.. in the public van, I met this  beautiful 3- year- old girl, Carolina with her father. The van stopped at the gas station for some long boring minutes…….also it was hot and dry!

So, Bunny Father and Bunny Son secretly talked to me: read me, read me.. So I proposed it and immeadiatly Carolina sit on her father’s lap. How much I love (Adivinha quanto eu te amo)  was read. Samia took the foto, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I hope I did some difference in her life. For me it was amazing good..

Gratitude Carolina.

She was bored. It was a very hot and dry Saturday 3rd, 2011 at Vila dos Pinheiros. Nothing to do, just to sit in font of the TV. I carried two books and I proposed to read them.  Proposal accepted, tv was turned off.

She almost slept.. what I considered  great being relaxing. First I read Menina Bonita do Laço de Fita, Ana Maria Machado, illustrations by Claudius. It is amazing beautiful.It is classical among many ones.

The other, a translation of  How much I love (Adivinha quanto eu te amo) , Sam McBratney, illustration by Anita Jeram: Bunny Father and Bunny Son in a beautiful love declaration. Also it is a great success among kids.

I hope I could contribute for some minutes of difference in her life.The proposal is to read How much I love for her father: total 8 kids from different ages reading it. Let’s organize this surprise better.

Kisses Júlia, Gratidute.

After two months without posting anything, now it isw time to up to date..Let’s start from yesterday…

Launching of the book Melchior, o mais melhor

That was a nice afternoon at bookstore Travessa, Leblon, Rio de Janeiro.The artist Vik Muniz wrote the story and Adriana Calcanhoto, the singer, illustrated it. The result, Melchior, o mais melhor, editor Cobogó, Rio de Janeiro.

Special autograph for the Kids of Vila dos Pinheiros, Complexo da Maré. This book will be a donation to the new library we are working on.

I hope I will read it as soon as  possible.







Hello friends,  you can see one of the many fotos that  Samia took from the beautiful family of Maria Regina who received us last July 21. All the women were at home and three babies. Also Sara, who has beads in her hair participated too.

Samia presented our work for them as reading and drawing. I started reading some Brazilian Indians stories. Meanwhile our beautiful girls were drawing, I was reading and Samia taking pictures. It was a magical moment. Reading and drawing proved to be a healing for them because more than that, we were there offering them love.

Obrigada for all of them. Peace, Paz!

How can you help us?




Our project, that we are doing in the Favela Vila Pinheiro,  Complexo da Maré, Rio de Janeiro, needs your help.

It is our goal and desire to provide a program in which through the efforts and dedication of myself and collegues a process occurs enriching both our lives and more importantly the members of the community. Thus reducing the social differences amongst the world’s peoples and ultimately having a tangible positive impact on the lives of the underprivileged within the favela.

To teach them the discipline through a range of artistic workshops that will make them independent and believe that they deserve the good in life.

creating a Library

Painting the wall of the houses 

Healing Music


Telling story stories

Portuguese classes

Connect them with the mother earth how to plant seeds and what you get from those seeds.Then plant them( seed planting and gardening)

For over a year and a half we have worked at the favela creating a strong bond with the community. Everything is based on love. Children and adults respect my work and above all trust me. It is now time to take it to another level. To teach them the discipline that will make them independent and believe that they deserve the good in life.

As a child Samia took refuge in her local library in the suburbs of Paris. This is where she fled the daily violence that she had to endure. There she felt at peace, in harmony, at home. The more books she read, the more a new world opened up to her. The colors, the images, the words were her best friends. Reading opened her inner vision so that she could start to believe in another world. A world where dreams can become a reality. 

It is thanks, in part, to these nourishing books that she is where she is now. That she has been able to follow her visions and travel the world in pursuit of transformation and healing through spreading the message of Love.

If this had an impact on her, then surely it can inspire the beautiful children we work with!

Our work now is to make a library and develop more artistic workshops at the favela where we volunteer. Sadly, due to poverty, most of the young people at the Favela very rarely get the opportunity to dive in and immerse themselves in inspiring reading material.

Get them conscience of Mother earth with some workshop how to plant seeds and what you get from those seeds…….. 

Seed planting and gardening workshops will help the children connect to nature, and the miracle of the transformation of a seed to a plant, the children in the favela are very disconnected from Nature, and this chance to be in gardens and interacting with plants will be so good for them.

Get involve also the adults.

The aim is to involve the adults also, so that the whole family can learn, heal and enjoy together,

How can You help?

we are looking for sponsorship to buy –

Paint brushes


Childrens story books 

Garden materials-seeds,-pots-tools-compost- 

Art materials

Stationery-pens,paper, glue,glitter.ribbon,tissue etc. 







To support our project through donation (money or goods) or volunteering 

If you would like to help, there are many ways to support the project.

for information on volunteering and sponsoring  contact us.

Fernanda & Samia


A happy family

Hello, Guys,

here we see Johny’s beautiful family. After reading stories for them, we joined into  this wonderful moment. Thanks to Samia who loves this family and her babies.

It is worth to bring them stories, laughing and love.

Peace for all world’s families.

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